AETERNUS returns after 7 years of silence with a new line-up, with the 7’th full-length album “…And the Seventh His Soul Detesteth”. The limited edition version of this album also comes with the legendary 1995 EP “Dark Sorcery” as a bonus disc. It’s officially out on 22. March in Norway and 1. April world-wide. I’m having a chat with the guitarist and frontman ~ Ares 


MF: What are your thoughts about the new album?

Ares: Hi there! We are very happy with it of course! Spending so many years on making the music for this album, it's now nice to see the result being simply a very satisfying product from Aeternus.

MF: Who came up with the cover artwork?

Ares: That idea came from Vgandr ... our previous bassist.

MF: AETERNUS’ first line up is formed in Bergen in 1993, by you Ares. There have been some changes since then, both musically and regarding the line-up. Introduce us the new members in the band ~ Phobos and Specter.

Ares: Well yes of course, my pleasure. Phobos, the bands new drummer came in around 2007 or 2008. Replacing the drummer we had to let go in 2006. A very dedicated man who has given a lot to successfully keep the drums in the song a very solid and vital part of Aeternus' Dark music. Specter joined later on, replacing Dreggen that we had on guitar at the time. Also a highly dedicated man who knows his instruments very well. Best guitarist I've had in the band I'd say. 

MF: What is the lyrical concept behind “…And the Seventh His Soul Detesteth”? 

Ares: It's about the 7 deadly sins. Basically overall an anti-Christian concept. However ... not based on any ideology from our side.

MF: The reason why V’gandr ~ Ørjan Nordvik left Aeternus?

Ares: It was about time. He was very busy with his other bands and it just got frustrating. He felt bad not being able to be with as much as he wanted and so forth. Aeternus were not very active in the slow writing process that we had and Vgandr's pace with Helheim and Taake was very quick so he was very busy all the time. So it was best to step down for him. We respected his decision and understood him well.

MF: You described AETERNUS’ music/genre as DARK METAL. I’d call it Blackened/Death Metal… Your views about it, or music in global.

Ares: The category Dark Metal is based on the overall atmospheres u find in Aeternus, musically and lyrically. Black Metal is to me something that should have a satanical message, we're not about that. Death Metal elements can be found many places in Aeternus' music, but I still feel I break off so much from that genre that Dark Metal still suits the music better. What I think about music, globally? Music is damn important to me, I'll say that! Music is emotions and emotions drives us all...

MF: Are you satisfied with your label ~ DARK ESSENCE RECORDS?

Ares: Yes we are!

MF: AETERNUS’ next live appearance will be at this year’s Inferno Festival in Oslo on March 29, & Karmoygeddon Festival May 2. Can we expect some more Tour dates this year, in Serbia perhaps?

Ares: We hope so, nothing is planned, but of course we hope so. :)

MF: Thank you Ares for this interview! Your words to the fans?

Ares: Thanks for support, keep supporting metal overall.

Interview: Regina Kozlik.

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